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10 Tips to Improve Your Company’s Website

  1. Talk about your products and services — not yourself
    Visitors to your website are there because they are interested in what your company does. Information about who you are is important, but only as supplementary material to back up what you do. Your home page should showcase examples of your work and, if possible, hightlight the features and benefits of your core products and services

  1. Make it easy for people to get in contact with you
    It seems obvious but many websites make this mistake — a customer who has to spend too much time looking for how to get in touch with you will get frustrated. Keep important contact information on everypage and provide links to your contact form that are easy to find.
  2. Make sure any information you publish is useful and informative
    Writing online is most effective when it gets to the point quickly. Irrelevant copy on your site will quickly turn potential customers away as they are looking for information to help solve the problem that brought them to your site in the first place
  3. Don’t use too much copy — keep sentences and paragraphs short and to the point
    This follows on from Point 3, and leads into Point 5… People have a tendancy to scan web pages, rather than read them, looking for prominent words and sentences that are of interest to them. Remember that web content should be about half of its paper equivalent.
  4. Break up the page with headings and lists
    Make it easy for people to scan through your copy. Break up content on the page using headings and lists so key points of interest in your copy are easy to find.
  5. Update your content regularly and make sure your content is up to date
    Content that is updated regularly will not only help your search engine rankings, it will also let visitors to your site know that your company is active and in business. This is important for building trust in the products and services you provide. Talk about the latest projects you have been working on, products and services you have in development and recent successes for other clients. Keep your content up to date — a visitor to your site who finds information that is several months/years old will not hang around for long.
  6. Use descriptive names for your images and describe them properly
    An image called “our-design-studio.jpg” will provide more information to both the search engines and your site visitors than one called “image1.jpg”. Use the “alt” attribute to describe your image properly, taking into consideration the purpose of the image in context of where it is placed on the page.
  7. Make sure your site is easy to navigate
    The more logical, familiar and intuitive your site is the better it will be at retaining visitors. Make your links clear and use them to guide your visitors efficiently through the site. Provide breadcrumbs to let people keep track of where they are in the context of your site. Steve Krug’s book Don’t Make Me Think! is a bit of a bible here at Red Ant Media and is highly recommended reading for more information about designing your site and making it easy to use.
  8. Name your pages logically
    As with Point 7 about your images, a web page called “improve-your-website.html” will do better with the search engines and be more relevant for your visitors than one called “page1438.html”. Remember not to use spaces when naming your pages (and the same for images too!) and to call them something relevant to the content they contain.
  9. Make sure your site has a logical structure and heirachy
    Plan your website to reflect the activities of your organisation — both in its design and its structure. Our site for example has both a portfolio and descriptions of our products and services. Relevant to our home page there is a folder called /portfolio/ and one called /products-and-services/. When navigating to a particular section of the site it is clear in both the url and the breadcrumb what section our visitors are in ( or
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Who We Are

Passionate about graphic design.

Since 2003 Red Ant Media has been providing design, development and production services to our clients in the areas of print, desktop publishing and web development. With over 15 years experience working in the creative industry we are experts in delivering bespoke communication solutions from concept to production. Whether it is design & layout, pre-press & print production, Microsoft Office & desktop publishing or custom coding & website development we always consistently deliver the best results for all our clients.


What are the project requirements? What is the desired communication outcome? Who is the target audience? Are there any existing brand and style guidelines? What existing frameworks can be incorporated to deliver the best results for the budget?

Concepts & Design

Supply of concepts and variations to address all outcomes as defined by the initial research. Development of these concepts into working designs, working together with the client and in consideration of the production methods for delivery.

Build & Production

Application of content to the approved designs. Ongoing proofing, testing and tweaking as required. Build of production final artwork for press, desktop publishing or online / digital applications as per required specification.

Finished Art

Delivery of finished art as per project outcomes. Printed collateral supplied as per production specifications, Microsoft Office and DTP solutions as documents templates or editable files and digital applications as code repositories or hosted online solutions.

What We Do

Graphic design and web development services for your business.

Red Ant Media offers a number of services to our clients including Graphic Design, Web Development, Desktop Publishing, Illustration, Photography and Web Hosting. We can either charge by the hour, week or month for ongoing work, or offer you fixed price quotes for supplying either a single service or combination of our services.

Graphic Design

Logo design, bespoke graphics, branding & style guides, business cards, postcards, posters, flyers, brochures, annual reports, booklets, lanyards, media walls, print advertisements, signage and promotional products.

Desktop Publishing

Microsoft Office Suite, including Word Documents, Powerpoint Presentations and Excel Tables and Charts. Adobe PDF Documents and Interactive PDF Documents.

Web Development

SEO implementation, mobile friendly responsive websites, content management systems, Wordpress, Google Maps, YouTube & Vimeo, eCommerce, online bookings, membership sites, landing pages, intranets and EDMs.


Custom traditional (pencil, pen & ink and paint) and digital (graphics tablet and stylus) illustrations for business promotions & events as well as weddings, children's invitations and editorials.


Destination, product and studio photography. 35mm, digital, long exposure, landscape, travel, scanning and image retouching & manipulation.

Web Hosting

Affordable and reliable Sydney based LAMP Hosting (Linux, Apache, MySQL & PHP). Shared and standalone customisable hosting solutions with optional G-Suite for business integrations.

Graphic design and web development portfolio

Recent graphic design and web development projects.

Breakfast Point Community Association

Strata Membership Website (Wordpress)

View Project

Mobile responsive membership for Breakfast Point Commmunity Association. The site provides community information, as well as providing an online members section for each of the stratas within the precinct. After logging in, users can access Strata specific documents, minutes, news and forums.

Stickers, Colouring In & Find-A-Word


View Project

Illustrations for the Lions Eye Health Program used as Stickers, children's Colouring In sheets and Find-A-Word puzzles

Pathfinders NSW

Google Maps Website (Wordpress)

View Project

Pathfinders NSW is a responsive website exploring the history of the trackers (Pathfinders) who worked with the NSW Police Force. Built in Wordpress with a customised dashboard the site is integrated with Google Maps and includes a timeline built in jQuery.

5 Star Sydney Tours

Online Booking Website (Wordpress)

View Project

Custom Wordpress development for a responsive website, 5 Star Sydney Tours. The Wordpress interface was tailored specifically to the products and services provided by a tour business and includes an online booking system with Google Calendar integration.

Reports & Brochures

Graphic Design & Printing

View Project

Examples of various reports and brochures designed and printed by by Red Ant Media.

Logo Designs

Graphic Design & Branding

View Project

Examples of various logos designed by Red Ant Media

What our clients are saying…

Author image

I have worked with Ant and Red Ant Media for almost three years now over a range of design concepts and his work always exceeds expectations.

The ideas are fresh and creative and he always manages to interpret the hardest of briefs with incredible results. Ant's designs have been so successful that they will continue to be used for years to come.

Thanks so much for all the hard work Ant, I would recommend you to everyone.

Happy clients, happy me!

Tory Smith Senior Conference Coordinator — DC Conferences
Author image

Ant built the website for my company, 5 Star Sydney Tours, and I am very happy to recommend his services to anyone in need of a graphic designer or web developer.

The Wordpress platform used to add content to the site was customised specifically to my services, making it very easy to use, and includes a calendar based booking platform that allows customers to book tours directly through the site.

He continues to integrate other online platforms into the site for me as the need arises.

Michael Lopez 5 Star Sydney Tours
Author image

When I was starting up Ant designed the logo, business card and posters for me. In such a competitive industry his take on my business identity was very unique and had people noticing and remembering my company straight away.

Since then he has designed a number of other things for me, including my van graphics and the waterproof stickers used on the premises I look after.

I have always been happy with his work!

Siros Betmalik Cyrus Pest Control
Author image

I was very fortunate to work with Ant in the development of the Pathfinders website about the history of Aboriginal Trackers in NSW.

He took on board the stories that I wanted to convey to the public and created a website that looks attractive and is easily accessible.

Ant's imagination and technical skills brought an historical website to life. I look forward to working with him again.

Michael Bennett Senior Historian — NTSCORP

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