About Us

Founded in July 2003, Red Ant Media is a graphic design and web development agency located in Leichhardt NSW Australia (formerly Glebe). As a small company we are able to offer our clients professional design services at an affordable price. With a hands-on approach to our work, all of our projects are developed in-house by our dedicated team of designers and developers.

Red Ant Media is a Design Practice Member of the DIA (Design Institute of Australia).

To achieve full membership Red Ant Media demonstrated we have the education and professional experience to meet the critera set by the DIA and our business complies with the their code of ethics.

Our first ever website was built for the Glebe Chamber of Commerce in 2004. This was the menu we developed for the home page, a visual representation of Glebe Point Road and the businesses along it.

The links don’t go anywhere but the example above still works for demonstation purposes!

Our Projects

Gallery Red »
In 2008 we started a gallery as an artistic side project to the design business. Gallery Red aims to showcase the talent of new and emerging artists along side their more established contemporaries in a friendly relaxed environment.

Artists’ Gallery Space »
Artists’ Gallery Space is an online art collective, where artists can display their artwork and develop an online presence. Developed to provide an inexpensive CMS solution with a personal site address for artists, as well as being an online directory for people looking to connect with artists and see their portfolios.

Our Previous Websites

Links to our previous websites, for old times’ sake.
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