Brand Development & Corporate Identity

Part of our core business at Red Ant Media is the design, development and implementation of corporate identity for small to medium business. In the last 8 years we have worked on over 50 brand specific projects for a variety of organisations, from owner/operator start-ups to international companies of over 200 employees.

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How to develop a successful email newsletter

Developing an effective email newsletter is a matter of planning.

The three main considerations when developing an email newsletter are the content, the design and the technical structure. Get these right and you are on your way to a successful email campaign.

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Good Business Card Design

Tips for professional looking business cards

Your business card is an important part of your marketing. It is a visual representation of your company, an advertisment, and a networking and lead-generating tool all rolled into one.

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Illustrations: The Red Ant Media Team

Introducing the Red Ant Media Team!
Illustration of Anthony Cummins
Illustration of Tristan Blattman
Illustration of Ingrid Kool-Clarke
Illustration of Bonnie And Clyde Cummins