Inhouse Marketing Campaign

We ran an in house marketing campaign, which helped to advertise our website specials. We used an original western style theme to stand out against competitors, plus a strong call to action such as “Wanted” or “Missing”, allowing for our message to be strongly communicated.
Red Ant Media Poster DesignRed Ant Media Poster Design

Conference Websites

Is your business holding a conference?

A well designed, professional website can be used as a informative platform to your company or clients, with relative information being broken down into specific catagories, which provides for easy navigation throughout the site.
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Artists' Gallery Space

Artist’s Gallery Space is an online art community, linking artists together, whilst also providing an online exhibition space.

We initially came up with the idea, as we recognised the need within the artistic community to have an affordable folio website that they can control.

Marketing this product was primarily targeted towards artists within our local area, and university students who wanted an online presence.

We used a bold red throughout all of our print collateral, which included illustrations and graphics that would appeal to the target market.

Graphic Design for Artists Gallery Space

Graphic Design for Artists Gallery Space Poster Design

Poster Design for Artists' Gallery Space Back

Poster Design for Artists' Gallery Space


Graphic Design for Artists' Gallery Space Postcard