Website Development

December 1, 2011

Red Ant Media were asked to develop a an online information portal about the suburb of Glebe. The purpose of the site being to promote Glebe as a destination to locals, the wider Sydney community and state, national & international visitors.

The website includes:

  1. A full business directory, organised by business category,
  2. Profile pages with information about each listed business,
  3. General information about Glebe,
  4. Directions and links for how to get to Glebe, and
  5. A News and Events listing.

While there is still a little more to complete on the project, it is a great example of how quickly Red Ant Media can get something done when under pressure. The whole site took 7 days to complete, as the Glebe Street Fair was only 9 days away when the quote was approved. We were asked to have it up and running for the Fair and we did! Working from an existing style guide, the 7 days included design, html programming, WordPress integration, content migration, testing, hosting set up and a voting platform for an online competition run at the Glebe Street Fair.

November 3, 2011

St Michael’s Family Centre is a not-for-profit organisation based in Baulkham Hills. A key part of the centre’s fundraising efforts is the Colour My World 2012 calendar, featuring artwork from Melbourne design studio Printspace. St Micheal’s Family Centre asked us to design both the calendar and the corresponding landing page, based on the themed artwork by Printspace.
St Michael's Colour My World Calendar Landing Page
St Michael's Colour My World Calendar Landing Page

August 22, 2011

La Source was using an off-the-shelf installation of WordPress with one of the generic themes when they approached Red Ant Media to build a customised site and theme.

Our initial concepts were built in Photoshop and then coded as static HTML pages for approval. As the client was heading overseas for business we turned the entire site around in two weeks, including the WordPress customisation.

The WordPress theme developed includes a featured slideshow on the home page, custom category filtering and display, automatic image processing for site thumbnails and an English or French language selector.

La Source were also provided with a training session in how to use their customised WordPress site to its full potential.

May 29, 2011

Artists’ Gallery Space is a side project by Red Ant Media, it is an online art collective where artists can display their artwork and develop an online presence. Each member can take ownership and control of their profile and promote their art, to the whole internet.

This website design needed to be simple yet effective, keeping in mind of the strong red styled scheme that is across the majority of Red Ant Media’s projects, we were able to develop a website that was clean, fresh and simple.

The navigation was designed to be bold and easy to use when going throughout the website. The artists page is alphabetically ordered, which lists each artists and their website address, similar to a directory.

There is also a genre page with lists the artists according to their form of media that they use.

Website Design for Artists Gallery Space Home Page

Website Design for Artists Gallery Space Artists Page

Website Design for Artists Gallery Space Sponsor Page

May 11, 2011

The Australian Network on Disability (AND) is a not-for-profit organisation resourced by its members to advance the inclusion of people with disability in all aspects of business.

They approached us with the brief to re-design their booklet “The Managers’ Guide: Disability in the Workplace” and provide them with an html version, so that the guide can be accessed by a broader spectrum.

The online version of the booklet was to be used in the internal intranet, of companies and corporations on a national scope.

We had to provide the highest accessibility standards, providing a straight forward navigation system and colour scheme for each chapter, as the guide would be accessed by people with and without disabilities.

Website Design for Managers Guide Disability In The Workplace Home

Website Design for Managers Guide Disability In The Workplace Introduction

Website Design for Managers Guide Disability In The Workplace Accessibility

MWebsite Design for Managers Guide Disability In The Workplace Leaving Employment

May 1, 2011

Karma Images was a website designed for the Australian freelance photographer Constantine Korsovitis. Costa came to us with a brief to design him with a website that was able to showcase his photographic portfolio, in a modern and sleek way.

Using a dark background, allowed for maximum contrast against the white bordered “Polaroid” images, which was important due to the fact the design, was to be focused around the photographs. Using single images to represent each exhibition allowed us to come up with an efficient way to create an archive system, or gallery style directory.

Website Design For Karma Images Home Page

Website Design For Karma Images Portfolio Page

Website Design For Karma Images Exhibition Page

Website Design For Karma Images About Page