UNSW Bookshop

The University Bookshop approached Red Ant Media with a brief to re-design their existing website. We needed to create a design that acted as an online directory to the masses of stock within the bookshop. With constant uploads and news, the website also needed to be designed on the basis of having a content management system, providing easy content uploading for the client.

Using a yellow and blue colour palate, the website design complemented the shop front, whilst also providing easy navigation for university students that would be using the website.

The client also was to install online shopping, so we kept this in mind when designing the overall design, keeping it simple and professional.

Website Design for UNSW Bookshop Home Page

Silos Estate

Silos Estate is a guest house, restaurant and vineyard in Berry, and needed a logo designed. Keeping in mind it is an up market retreat, with a broad range of facilities we were able to develop a logo that represented this style of accomodation.
Final Logo Design for Silos Estate

Forefront Commercial Interiors

Forefront Commercial Interiors required Red Ant Media to design them a logo.
Design and construction being the two main services that Forefront offered, we needed to come up with a design that tied the two specialties together. Contrasting yellow and the black provided for a unique and bold logo, that identified the services that Forefront offered.
Logo Concepts for Forefront Commercial Interiors
Logo Concepts for Forefront Commercial Interiors
Final Logo Design for Forefront Commercial Interiors

Steig Larsson Millenium Series

When Murdoch Books originally published The Millenium Trilogy, they approached Red Ant Media to develop an online marketing website for the series, as well as a directory for Steig Larson websites.
Keeping in mind the strong elements of the books, we created a design based on each book, as the pages are navigated throughout, the background changes depending on which book the user has chosen.
Reviews of the series were also included on the website, which helped to market the trilogy, as well as provoke interested of the onlooker to have further interest in reading the series.

Website Design For The Millenium Trilogy Home Page

Website Design For The Millenium Trilogy 3rd Book

Website Design For The Millenium Trilogy 2nd Book

Website Design For The Millenium Trilogy Reviews

Janis Valdivia

Janis Valdivia is a Sydney based object and jewellery designer, who wanted to distribute her designs throughout Sydney via an online shopping website. She approached us with a brief that was to be designed around the basis of her works.

We used a simple repetitive background, that reinforced her logo, as well as tied together the colour scheme. OpenCart was used to create an online shop, in order for her works to be sold.

The site was created using WordPress in order for Janis to upload images, and latest works at her own discretion.

Website design for Janis Valdivia Home Page

Website design for Janis Valdivia product page

Website design for Janis Valdivia gallery page

Control Edit

Lachlan Jobbins is a writer and editor from Sydney, and he approached us with the breif to brand Control Edit.
Being involved in literary journalism and book reviews, Lachlan provides manuscript development services to authors and publishers. With this in mind we needed to create a bold, and iconic design that his clients would recognise, that identifies his services against competitors.
Logo Concepts for Control Edit
Logo Concepts for Control Edit
Final Logo Design for Control Edit