Tips for professional looking business cards

Your business card is an important part of your marketing. It is a visual representation of your company, an advertisment, and a networking and lead-generating tool all rolled into one.

Here are some good tips about getting the most out of your business card.

  1. Identify yourself and your position. Make sure your business card is unambiguous and clearly states what you do.
  2. Never use silly or fun job titles – this looks unprofessional and potential clients won’t see the same humour in it as you do!
  3. Identify your company and what it does. Use a slogan, tag line or brief description on your business card. Always include your logo and make sure it stands out on the card.
  4. Make sure all your type is large enough to be read. Don’t use too many typefaces on your business card.
  5. Never use clip art. This will make your business card look unprofessional.
  6. Only include necessary information on the card. Keep the information on your business card to the point and make sure your information is as brief as possible. Identify yourself and your company as per the points above and make sure to include important contact details, such as a direct phone number, email address and website.
  7. Never use cards with information that is out of date. The minute any of your details change on your business card, print some new cards.
  8. Use some white space. This lets potential clients write down any extra information they might require on your business card, improving your chances of a follow up contact.
  9. Print your cards on good stock. You want your business card to be strong and you want to look after them. This ensures your business cards are in good condition when you hand them out, not folded and tatty.
  10. Make sure they are a good size. You need to ensure your business card will fit in a wide range of wallets, purses and card holders.
  11. Make sure the design of your card stands out. Spread out all the business cards you have on file from clients and suppliers and look quickly to see which ones stand out. You want your cards to be one of the ones that stand out!

Remember if your business card isn’t presenting a professional image of you and your company, it won’t be bringing you any business.

Is it time you got a new business card?