Corporate Rebranding Examples

A brand is an essential part of your business. Branding makes your business stand out from other competitors, as well as validating your company. We’ve found a series of corporate rebrands which we think are pretty interesting.

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Mental Disorder Posters by Patrick Smith

Around 20% of Adult Australians, or one in five people, will experience a mental illness at some stage in their lives. The subject of mental disorders is no laughing matter, and the idea of communicating this message to a large spectrum is challenging. We were completely blown away when we came across these minimal poster designs by Patrick Smith. Patrick set himself the challenge of defining each disorder in a minimal way which proved to cause a lot of controversy.


Depression by Patrick Smith

Anoerxia by Patrick Smith

Agoraphobia by Patrick Smith

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Typography That We Love

A series of inspiring typographic art that we think is pretty rad!

A Topographic Typographic.

Creative Typography

Who would have known that Burger King could be so creative?

Creative Typography

Note the bear just hangin’ in the letter P. Typography and collage – WOW.

Creative Typography

If you don’t like yoghurt you probably will now.

Creative Typography

Creative Typography

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10 Tips to Improve Your Company's Website

  1. Talk about your products and services — not yourself
    Visitors to your website are there because they are interested in what your company does. Information about who you are is important, but only as supplementary material to back up what you do. Your home page should showcase examples of your work and, if possible, hightlight the features and benefits of your core products and services

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Graphic Design for Charities and Not-For-Profit organisations

Not-for-profit organisations often suffer when it comes to getting quality design work, due to the prohibitive expenses.

At Red Ant Media, we’re committed to supporting our local community, charities and the not-for-profit sector.

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